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Kirsty Botfield is an ASN Sponsored Athlete with Drummoyne. Below you will find her Sponsors details and the DISCOUNT CODES available for your use when purchasing Supplements and Gym Wear through her Sponsors!

 ASN Supplements Kirsty enjoys and uses to maintain health and also for competition preparation:

  • NutraKey Raw Plant Protein
  • ASN EVOLVE Supernatural Green Machine, greens powder drink - vitamins/ minerals/ probiotics/ micronutrients/ digestive enzymes
  • ASN EVOLVE L-Glutamine – recovery
  • ASN EVOLVE L-Carnitine – aids fat loss
  • BCAAS (HumaPro, Chaind Out are Vegan Friendly)- increase the rate of protein synthesis, but they also increase the cell's capacity for protein synthesis, reducing the rate of protein breakdown.
  • ReCon Thermonuke/Thermonuke Pink Ops - Thermogenic, fat burner, pre workout for increased energy and aid fat loss results.

* As a special offer for those who visit this site: use Kirsty Botfield’s name at ASN Drummoyne in-store or by phone order (02 9719 2078) for special deals on the above supplements and any other health food, vitamins and supplements they have available.

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Australian Sports Nutrition - Drummoyne: 1/50 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne NSW 2047

phone: (02) 9719 2078  email:

Australian Sports Nutrition

Use Kirsty's discount code "Kirsty10" to purchase your ASN Supplements online!


Euphoria Skin

Kirsty has been working with Euphoria Skin to transform the health of her face. Euphoria Skin have been extremely generous with providing Kirsty with treatments and products that work. As a result, Kirsty takes great pride in the fact that she has never had any botox, fillers or injectables and that her over 30 year old skin is looking the absolute best it ever has thanks to the products and treatments Euphoria Skin have given Kirsty. Let the ladies at Euphoria Skin know you found them through Kirsty. 

Drop by
13 Lawndale Ave, North Rocks NSW 2151

Call on
(02) 9873-1772 


My skin looks better than it did 10 years ago because of Euphoria Skin.

Glam Fit Bikinis

Glam Fit Bikinis

Kirsty Botfield is proudly sponsored by Glam Fit Bikinis, the best competition bikini designer and supplier! Kirsty will be proudly wearing a Glam Fit Bikini at her WBFF Pro Debut at World Championships in London, August 2017.

Dallas Olsen gf bikini

Want to be one of Kirsty's sponsors?

For all sponsorship and collaboration inquiries contact Kirsty directly at

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For sponsorship offers and opportunities, please email Kirsty directly at