Plans for Everyone

Nutrition and fit plans designed for beginners, body builders and everyone in-between



Customised plans designed specifically to address your body and your needs.


Online communication

Direct contact with Kirsty. Working together to achieve your goals


“I would love to help you, however I am on Maternity Leave until 8th December 2019 and won’t be able to respond to your inquiries until I return.

Please do get in touch with me after this date when I will be available for Online Coaching once again.” - Kirsty.

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Serious Body Transformation and Competition Prep

  • Custom designed Nutrition & Training Programs for your individual needs and goals

  • Support and Communication with Kirsty as your coach.

  • Advice and help with all things comp related including: help with deciding on what bikini/theme-wear/gown/heels you should perform in. Everything you need to know about tanning/hair/makeup/nails etc

  • All the overwhelming and confusing guess work taken out of it so you can just enjoy the COMP EXPERIENCE!



  • Eating plans for a variety of diets/lifestyle choices, including PLANT-BASED/VEGAN.

  • Support and Communication with Kirsty as your coach.

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