I work with all nutrition and lifestyle preferences when designing custom meal plans for you to obtain your goal; from pescetarian, vegetarian, meat eater, paleo, FODMAPS to vegan and plant-based. Structured or IIFYM...No one is excluded. Everyone is welcome. I am here to help every age, every goal, every gender, every body.
— Kirsty


Why is nutrition important?... In order to obtain your goal and achieve any sort of performance or progress in the gym, an appropriate meal plan for your specific goal is vital to seeing any sort of transformation or result from your hard work with training. Also, without proper nutrition, not only will your health suffer, but so will your performance, weight-loss results, muscle growth results, fat loss results and strength improvement results. Appropriate and sufficient nutrition and meal plans are just as important as an appropriate and sufficient training plan.

Meal plans custom designed for every diet preference and lifestyle: No matter what your preferred way of eating is, Kirsty can design a suitable meal plan to help you on your way to obtaining your specific individual goal. Meal plans available for all food and lifestyle choices.

Vegan and Plant-Fuelled Meal Plans: Kirsty specialises in Vegan/Vegetarian/Plant-Fuelled eating. There are many benefits to living on a plant-based diet that Kirsty has experienced personally after 7 years of being plant-fuelled. If you would like to know more about Plant-Fuelled Muscle, Kirsty has written a Vegetarian/Vegan Ultimate Weight Loss Guide, so feel free to get in contact with her in receiving this guide or more information about Plant-Fuelled Muscle! 

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To get started on your customised meal plan to reach your individual specific goal contact Kirsty today!