Client Testimonials

Dannielle’s 3 week Transformation, photos below (in pink bikini)

Left: Before, Right: After.

Left: Before, Right: After.

Kirsty is a fabulous trainer and coach who guides you through a personalised program designed specifically for you and your personal goals. The detailed meal plan was easy to follow, catered to my specific dietary needs (gluten and dairy free) and always left me feeling satisfied and energised! Our weekly photo check ins kept me on track, focused and motivated! Her entire program is truly comprehensive- she includes tips and suggestions on sleep, food, exercise, lifestyle and more! I saw immediate results and was able to reach my ultimate goal by following her plan. I highly recommend Kirsty to anyone interested in transforming their life and finding their best self- she will get you there.
— Dannielle

Asheligh’s Comp Prep Tranformation - IG account @ashmaywalker

I met Kirsty through attending her posing workshop for WBFF. She was so kind and easy to talk to that I asked if she would be my coach for my next comp. My prep with Kirsty was the first time I actually loved my diet, loved my training programs and felt really good. It was perfectly tailored to me. I had so much variety in my meals that I never felt like I was eating the same thing over and over again. Whenever my schedule changed, Kirsty was always able to offer me an alternative way to manage training so it could work for me. I not only had an amazing transformation externally, but internally. I no longer had bowel issues, I had a massive increase in energy, I learnt better health behaviours I now practice daily, and of course had great mental support from Kirsty during and after as well. I could not be more thankful for finding such an amazing coach and will always go to Kirsty for comp prep and non competition training and diet needs as well.
— Ashleigh Walker

Shelly R’s Comp Prep Transformation below.

Working with Kirsty for these 16 weeks was the best possible introduction the fitness industry that I could have hoped for. Her knowledge, support and guidance made the whole experience so positive and rewarding. If you are serious about becoming a healthier, happier version of yourself I would highly recommend Kirsty!
— Shelly R

Kirsty’s Comp Prep Transformation Coaching herself for WBFF Worlds 2016